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New Basra Office

Continuing the with the theme of providing the a client service that is second to none in the world The International Projects and Construction Group are opening a Branch Office in Basra, Iraq.


International Projects & Construction now have satellite offices in UAE, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Australia and the USA


International Presence

International Projects & Construction Ltd have signed a deal with Regus that truly gives them a leading presence in the Global Market Place. We now have access to offices and state-of-the-art meeting rooms in over 1,200 centres in 500 cities in 95 countries. So now, you are never that far from help…. Please call or mail to see how we can help you.


Microsoft Alliance

International Projects & Construction Ltd have gained Microsoft Partner Status in the quest to develop and deploy to clients “Best in Class” project management solutions to help support their projects.


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As we strive to increase the portfolio of services that will benefit clients, The International Projects & Construction Group had signed a Joint Venture with TUBOS VOUGA who are based out of Lisbon, Portugal.


We have works alongside Tubos Vouga for over 5 years on various projects and decided that to come together as an team would greatly benefit clients worldwide.


Tubos Vouga are not only world renown for developing scaffold solutions to technically challenging problems but also are a major supplier of scaffolding services including supply and training.


We will update our full range of services in the very near future but for now if you require any information on our range of services please contact us on


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